Anti-Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Study of Natural & Synthetic Compounds

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The world is facing the problem of tuberculosis. In accounts for approximately one third of the global incidence of TB (Goble Tuberculosis Report, 2018, World Health Organization). Each year, 1.8 million new cases (the global incidence is 6.4 million), which lead to 1.3 million deaths (range, 1.2–1.4 million) among HIV-negative people, and there were an additional 300 000 deaths from TB (range, 266 000–335 000) among HIV-positive people, although the prevalence of HIV among new cases in India is just 3-4 percent compared with global average of 9 percent. Although the existing method of curing is very effective against TB, the length of treatment, the toxicity and the potential for drug-drug interactions are factors that highlight the need for new anti-TB drugs. New drugs are urgently needed because TB remains a global health priority, as around nine million new cases are estimated each year with almost two million fatalities. The libraries of different substituted synthetic and natural molecules were scanned against this cell wall proteins, DNA, enzymes by using different computational programs, studying their SAR properties and other molecular structural based properties.


Bapu Thorat


Dr. Bapu R. Thorat, Head of Chemistry Department, Government of Maharashtra, Ismail Yusuf College of Arts, Science and Commerce College, Mumbai 400060. He has published 59 Research articles and 17 Books in his credit. He is working on Molecular Designing and SAR study of organic molecules against different receptors of TB bacteria.

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Anti-TB study, Molecular docking, Natural Product, Tuberculosis, SAR study

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SCIENCE / Biochemistry