Has the Republic of South Africa’s populace Reconciled with each other?

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I wrote this book with a heavy heart, seeing what is happening in our country and make a fervent plea to the authorities to relook the way they imagine or conceive how our country can reach prosperity for all. We are in an African nationalistic government but we are still experiencing deprivation, poverty, inequality and unemployment. The poor and vulnerable continue to experience discrimination, disrespect and lack of authority over their lives. The middle and aristocratic classes continue to add more to what they have and when they share, they want to share where they want or can get recognition so that they can attain even more. When talking about the capital elitists in our country it reminds me of a scriptural epic that says “let not your right hand side see what your left hand side has done”. I am not sure if I am a middle class citizen or not, but whatever I have, I share with my immediate family, with a number of relatives, church members and whoever I meet who is in need. I could have chosen a self-centred life and say I earn enough to look after my family and I am not obliged to share what I earn with rest, oh, but I do.


Thomas Lata


I have a three year Secondary Teachers’ Diploma (STD), a Further Diploma in Education (FDE), a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) honours, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and a handful of non-credit bearing certificates from various universities.

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