Applied lasers in medicine and research

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This book summarizes the topics of physics and lasers. shows in picture the lasers used in medical sciences and biology. It also helps professors and researchers find the lasers with Energy and wavelength used in medical research and laser biology in their research.and me Ehsan Kamani Born in 1994 in Arak, Iran . I am a graduate of the laser field at Tuyserkan Azad University . I started researching the use of lasers in medical science in 2015 Laser Application Research Center in Medical Sciences, Shohadaye Tajrish Hospital, Tehran . Because of dealing with cancer patients at my workplace, I set my goal to treat and diagnose laser cancer . And fortunately I was able to achieve significant results in the use of laser in the treatment of cancer patients . My field of interest is laser application in the treatment of cancer patients, and another topic that I am most interested in and get good results with is the effect of low power laser on cell proliferation and stem cell therapeutic enhancement By laser . This book is the result of research and articles that help researchers and professors find the laser used in their research in a short period of time .


Ehsan Kamani


My goal is to promote the science of medicine laser for the health of the people of the world.I specialize in the areas of laser application in chemotherapy, drug delivery, stem and blood cells, stimulation of nerve cells, healing of body tissues, Low power lasers and acupuncture laser treatment. Serving all respected professors, researchers and academic centers interested in collaborative activities I declare cooperation.

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