The Basics to Logic

A Concise Guide

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The Basics to logic: A Concise Guide has as primary objective to initiate its readers to the fundamentals of science and techniques of art. This book aims at introducing the reader to some main concepts in both traditional and symbolic logic. It is mainly intended for students taking their first course in logic, but it is suitable to the generally educated reader interested in learning something about logic. The work is intended to develop in the users, the necessary tools and techniques necessary to acquire and develop critical thinking skills, improve on their level of reasoning and help them be able to organize coherent explanations, arguments and identify mistakes in reasoning. This is a course book and it is written with the intention of proposing a guide on elementary principles in logic accessible to novices in the discipline. It equally has as objective to train men and women to put in to practice their knowledge of the basis of logic in their daily reflection.


Siwiyni Christain Wirnkar


The author of this work is a holder of Secondary School Teacher Diploma II in Philosophy, University of Bamenda; a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Specialized in Logic and Epistemology and has Submitted a PhD thesis in The University of Yaounde I entitled The Heritage from Alfred Jules Ayer’s Logical Positivism: Stakes and Prospects. 

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Scholars' Press


logic, Argument, validity, Truth, False

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