Voltametric behaviour of Ti/Pt in low concentrated NaCl solutions

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A method for the combined synthesis of dimensionally stable anodes with an active TixOy/Pt layer on metallic titanium substrates is proposed, which consists of electrolytically depositing a thin layer of platinum on the substrate followed by termal treatment in air, which allows one to control the composition and properties of obtained materials. Thermal treatment leads to significant changes in the surface morphology, because of distribution of Pt over the surface and in the bulk due to diffusion and sintering, as well as an increase in the degree of crystallinity. The main regularities of the processes occurring during the oxidation of chloride ions on the platinum surface have been investigated as well as the catalytic activity and selectivity of platinum in the anodic synthesis of hypochlorite has been determined. The results obtained have been shown that the formation of chlorine and hypochlorite proceed with the participation of labile oxygen-containing particles. It has been shown that the main three parallel processes are realized during the electrolysis of NaCl: i) oxidation of Cl– to hypochlorite; ii) chlorate and iii) the oxygen evolution reaction.


Alexander Velichenko


The monograph has been prepared by researchers  of Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology and Ivan Franko Lviv National University. Areas of investigation are electrochemistry of oxide and metal-oxide materials; X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis; development of electrochemical devices for veterinary medicine and medicine.


Dmitriy Girenko



Pavlo Demchenko


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Scholars' Press


platinized titanium, inversion voltammetry, anode, sodium hypochlorite, electrolisis

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical