Performance of Women Managers in Non Profit Organizations

The Case of Caritas Rwanda

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This book explores the factors affecting the performance of women managers in non-profit organizations by examining whether individual traits affect the performance of women in Caritas Rwanda, determining the factors that influence women performance in Caritas Rwanda, identifying organizational practices which hinder women performance in Caritas Rwanda and finally establishing socio-cultural barriers that affect the performance of women managers in Caritas Rwanda. Data was collected by use of mixed method approach and analyzed data was then presented in form of a narrative explanation, tables, graphs and thereafter explanations and conclusions were drawn. The study findings revealed that the main factors that affect the performance of women managers in Caritas Rwanda are linked to the organizational and socio-cultural factors whereas women personality and behaviors appeared to have small significance in women performance. Factors affecting the performance of women managers in Caritas were Male dominated corporate culture, lack of role models and networks opportunities, as well as work/life balance. Hence top management of Caritas Rwanda should practice a flexible working culture.


UWINGABIRE Consolatrice


UWINGABIRE Consolatrice holds a master degree in Business administration, major in Strategic Management, from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Kenya) and a Bachelor degree in Leadership and Management from DePaul University, Illinois. She has more than 5 years of professional experience in coordinating projects in NGOs.

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Scholars' Press


Non-profit Organizations, Women Managers and Performance

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies