Deus Ex Machina: A Play

Adam & Evenin'

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The forms of the aliens are revealed amidst the alien artifacts, working and communicating, while the WASP Dictatorship idyll of genetically engineered superbeings are depicted in typically fascist scenes with beachballs and swimming pools familiar from the 1930s. MAP and Evie are physically very close indeed to the appearance of the alien life forms; implying that the aliens are in fact more human than the WASPs: 'The rising self-esteem of the Asian nations - due largely to the success of the trade-wars waged by the Sino-Nippon technopolies - had led them to reject the West's cultural hegemony. However, the rest of the world's women were still fashion victims, succumbing to fetishistic decadence, becoming slavish followers of the cult of the stiletto-teetering arse-pouter.'


Robin Bright


Robin Bright wrote a doctoral thesis at Hull University, England, `Jungian Archetypes in the work of Robert A. Heinlein`, 1992, which was published in 2018 as Self Begetting Ouroboros: The Science Fiction of Robert A. Heinlein. SF writer, 'All For Naught Orphan Ufonaut' in Shelter of Daylight, Sam's Dot Publishing, 2010.

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MAP, Mobile Armored Personnel, Science Fiction, Action Hero, Space Opera, Time Machine, Time travel

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