Life, Love and Fury

Stories and Excerpts of a Personal Diary

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A dedication to the birds, treetops, and the stars: A few listening and searching hearts, the search for the boundaries of the unknown, and the angels of God, the nature of Mother Earth and the universe full of the galaxies and the black holes. Just like the layers of an onion; so are the complexities of the universe. A dedication to the dead and the alive, the poor hearts and souls of the Indians, the progression of pilgrims and the men of all races, the healing of the foreign problems to once thriving civilizations and the solution to the present future full of healthy, thriving human beings in whom of which may present themselves as critical thinkers of the universe alike of Socrates the student of Plato (philosophy and epistemology), Hippocrates (the father of medicine), Plato (philosophy and western civilization), Aristotle (philosopher and scientist) and Pythagoras (the mathematician of Pythagorean theorem.) A dedication for The brokenhearted: "and God will wipe out every tear from their eye and there will be no more mourning, nor outcry nor pain anymore. The former things have passed away." "He numbers the stars in the Heavens. All of them He calls by name."


Jessica Lee Gerlemann


This Girl has a lot of passion in her heart. She aims to tell you the truths, reveal the untold and uncover the misunderstood things about life. She talks about her love, her passion and her fury. In each of her articles and blogs there is something of value that adds to life's gems. She loves the passion and fury of love & life.

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