Synthesis and Biological Activity Studies of New Heterocyclic Compound

Synthesis and Biological Activity of New Heterocyclic Compound

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Multicomponent reactions (MCR’s). leading to interesting heterocyclic scaffolds have emerged as powerful tools for the diverse needs in combinatorial approaches for the synthesis of bioactive compounds, creating distinct chemical libraries of drug-like molecules for biological screening. Spiro compounds represent an important class of naturally occurring substances with highly pronounced biological properties.Spirooxindole ring systems are found in a number of alkaloids, such as horsifiline, spirotryprostain, and (+) elacomine, and are used in biological applications as antimicrobial and antitumor agents and as inhibitors of the human NKI receptor. Additionally, spirooxindole rings containing the pyrrolidine and pyrrolizine ring system are found in various natural products as fundamental nuclei and are well recognized for exhibiting a wide range of pharmacological and biochemical behaviors.


Elshimaa Eid


Chemistry scientist graduated from Cairo University Faculty of science chemistry department at 1997, Finish Master degree of organic chemistry 2015. Registered for PhD in same field 2016. Had a lot of activities worked as head of scanning electron microscope in Grand Egyptian Museum.

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Hetero Organic Chemistry

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