Triage Training Program for Nurses from Novice to Expert

Effect of implementing triage training competencies on NGNs working in emergency hospital

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Triage is one of the most important and challenging tasks of the emergency department (ED). Therefore triage needs to be applied in all ED. An effective triage system classifies patients into groups according to acuity of illness or injury and ensure that the patients with life threatening illness or injury receive immediate intervention. Triage is the first pathway to competency so improving competence of newly graduate nurses is a major challenge. This book is guide for newly graduate nurses, junior nurse, educators, and anyone working in the emergency department for improving the competencies, knowledge and skills, or to implement triage training program to achieve highly qualified care. The book includes handouts, assessments, tools, training program and a reference to help you rapidly triage patients with urgent, life threatening conditions and determine the most appropriate treatment area for every patients presenting to the ED.


Hend Mansour


Hend El-Sayed El-Sayed Mansour Lecturer in Critical Care & Emergency Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University.

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Noor Publishing


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