A New Interpretation of Sport derived from art-related aesthetics

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In this dissertation I argue that there is an overlap between art and sport. This is achieved by using established theories of art such as formalism, mimesis, expressionism and so on and then showing how one can argue that art exhibits similar features to sport. This is developed further by using philosophers such as Kant and Wittgenstein to justify the idea that the quotidian is indeed an everyday aesthetic and even more than that may be considered as a kind of art. I also draw on historical and institutional meanings, arguing that sport like art is a kind of game and yet it is not simply self-referential, but in a very deep way also contains extra-aesthetic dimensions. The upshot is that art and aesthetics are pervasive and further research may establish not only a theoretical link between "high" art and "low" culture such as sport, but in fact a reciprocal practical benefit. In essence this thesis presents new and pioneering research on the inter-disciplinary nexus between art and sport.


Daniel Shorkend


Dr Daniel Shorkend is an artist, academic, teacher and art critic. He resides in Israel with his wife and two daughters and is developing new research on the overlap between art and sport. He currently works at Wizo School of Design in Haifa and as a freelance writer for the Jerusalem post.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Art, sport, Aesthetics, formalism, inter-disciplinary

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