Astrophysics and Measurement Data

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Astrophysics = the star physics was beginning its development without a supporting of measurement data, which could not be obtained then. Still astrophysics exists without this support, although now astronomers collected a lot of valuable information. This is the main difference of astrophysics from all other branches of physics, for which foundations are measurement data. The creation of the theory of stars, which is based on the astronomical measurements data, is one of the main goals of modern astrophysics. Below the principal elements of star physics based on data of astronomical measurements are described. The theoretical description of a hot star interior is obtained. It explains the distribution of stars over their masses, mass-radius-temperature and mass-luminosity dependencies. The theory of the apsidal rotation of binary stars and the spectrum of solar oscillation is considered. All theoretical predictions are in a good agreement with the known measurement data, which confirms the validity of this consideration.


Boris Vasiliev


Boris V. Vasiliev was born in 1937 in Russiaand was working in Dubna.His main achievements arethe new theory of superconductivity and superfluidity, the theory of hot stars, the theory of Earth's magnetic field,the electromagnetic model of neutron and quantum mechanical nature of nuclear forces,the electromagnetic nature of neutrinos.

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