Newari Building Construction Technology, A case of Bhaktapur City

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This research stems from an observation of core areas of Bhaktapur which has the stock of the traditional building rich in physical and cultural context. The city is rich in its heritage expressed through harmonized building materials and construction techniques. The magnificent artistry of Nepalese woodwork is renowned and is a prime essence of traditional Nepalese architecture. Historical buildings, including residences, palaces, temples and monasteries (bahals and bahils) display as much structural use of timber as the skill and artistry of the medieval period. This research work is carried out to find out the construction technology of the traditional Newar residential dwellings constructed of brick masonry with mud mortar and timber elements located in historical city, Bhaktapur. This research made case studies of the dwellings constructed between the periods from 17th century to 20th century and analyzed them in a time sequence. The research found out the various technical details and techniques of the traditional buildings and the changes that occurred in time.


Ram Prasad Suwal


Ram Prasad Suwal, Assist. Prof. at Nepal Engineering College, Department of Architecture, has been teaching since 2009. He is Chief Architect in Subharambha Design Consultant, won 1st prize on Residential Building Design(DEAN). His interest on Heritage Conservation & Nepalese Architecture. His M.Sc.Thesis has been awarded the best thesis by RUPSON.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Newari, vernacular, dwelling, Construction, technology, Material, Structure

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