How to reduce Heavy metals injuries by using different Antioxidants

Antioxidants against Heavy Metals

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Heavy metals, which have widespread environmental distribution and originate from natural and human activity sources, are common environmental pollutants. In recent decades, their pollution has amplified intensely because of nonstop discharge in sewage and untreated industrial wastes. Because they are non-degradable, they continue in the environment; therefore, they have received a great deal of care due to their possible health and environmental risks. Next contact of heavy metals, their metabolism and consequent excretion from the body depends on the existence of antioxidants (L-Arginine, Vitamin E, Zinc, etc.) associated with the reducing of free radicals by hanging the action of some enzymes. Hence, this book was inscribed to offer a deep understanding of the mechanisms involved in causing their toxicity in order to highlight the necessity for development of policies to decline contact to these metals, as well as to find substances that contribute significantly to overwhelmed their dangerous effects inside our bodies.


Marwan Ibrahim


Dr. Marwan A. Ibrahim: Ph.D. degree from Ain shams University & the area of interest include Environmental Toxicology (the effects of environmental pollutants on the biological system and the protective effects of natural antioxidants against this pollutants). Currently working as Asst. Prof. of Applied Physiology Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Heavy metals, Antioxidant

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SCIENCE / Biology