Peace is The Heart of India Since Its Birth

Peace is the Major Foreign Policy of India Since its Birth

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Author is working as an assistant professor in RV Govt Arts College Chengalpattu,Tamilnadu.He has studies Political Science up to PHD ,has motivated to write about India's Future and present problems with a strong cognitive points .To write this books my wife M.Jayarani and S.sister Sundari was so helpful in all the aspects,their motivations are being as a mainstream my life developments its growth definitely would contribute to poverty alleviation and keep all my defended relations so happy.Knowledge is a source of income in this point i am getting wisdom by my wife and sister helps i would do my service to keep them happy and lets spread my hard work to poor people's development.


D. Sendhilkumar Kumar


From the bottom dwelling places of India's civil society the author has studied MA,PHIL.,PHD in the stream of political and international studies. He born in the below poverty economic status family, has been growing among the several tragic social, economic and political problems which has motivated to write this book for the word people's sight.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


peace, Tolerance, Democratic Idology, secularism, Loving Neighbours, Cooeprtaing to Inaternational Communities for Peace making

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations