A Research-based Review Book on Malaria: A special focus on Ethiopia

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It's known that MALARIA is one of the top ten infectious diseases of major public health importance in the world particularly in tropical and subtropical areas including Ethiopia. A book entitled "A research-based review book on malaria: a special focus on the case of Ethiopia” has been part of my initiative effort to solve scarcity of reference materials in the area of Malariology. Teaching learning is a challenge under all circumstances particularly in developing countries like Ethiopia where shortage of recent textbooks and reference materials prevail. It is thus my belief that this mini book can be useful to students of Biology, Health science, Medicine and other students and academicians.


Bayissa Chala Legissa


Bayissa Chala Legissa is academic staff of Adama Science and Technology University in Ethiopia. As he has deep interest in malaria he did his MSc Thesis on its epidemiology. Since then he has been doing researches on parasitic infections including malaria & also teaching several courses like parasitology at some government universities of Ethiopia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Ethiopia, Malaria, P. falciparum, P.vivax

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MEDICAL / General