Voice Controlled Internet Radio

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Natural Language Understanding is a big research area and its application to different system is new trend during the last five years. Different voice commands applications are developed which understand voice and respond in human voice. Based on current research and software resources, a speech recognition system should be developed. The idea was simple and requires building of a software product that enables the driver of a car to orally request a song, search in internet, download, play it and respond in human sounding voice. The whole conversation between the user and the system should be as more natural as possible. Based on the simple idea, a research should be done, and stimulation of system should be implemented in order to prove if the idea is feasible or not. The voice command application would be very helpful for the drivers which would orally request a song and play it without pushing buttons. VCIR system is innovative and the report describes final state of the entire project life. Literature Review, Analyses, Design, Implementation and Testing of VCIR system are described deeply in the report.


Amir Buzo


Mr. Amir Buzo is an Oracle Certified Expert. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from University of Sheffield since 2009. In 2013 he specialized in Compilers in Linnaeus University and currently holds a MSc title in Software Technology.

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Voice Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Amir Buzo

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