To evaluate vegetable tanning agents (CATECHOL) of leather from plant

Evaluation of potential of vegetable tanning agents (catechol) of leather from some locally available plants

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Conventional method of tanning by chrome and other chemicals is hazardous for our natural environment and increases soil and water pollution. Chrome tanned leather causes skin allergies and cancer by oxidation of chromium compounds so in recent years vegetable tanning become popular at global level because various types of synthetic tanning agents have been banned due to their harmful effects. Vegetable tannins found abundantly in different species of plant kingdom. The Present study was carried out to study the potential of some locally available plants that proved to be very effective as an ecofriendly tanning agent.


Hafiza Mehreen Tahir


I am a student of plant sciences and its my passion.Plants are of immense importance from the beginning of human life on earth. In this book I mentioned some locally available common plants that can play a vital role to develop an environment friendly leather tanning industry and we can use only raw plant material like old bark for leather tanning.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


vegetable tanning agents, Leather tanning, plant bark, catechol, local plants

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SCIENCE / Botany