Development of a Single Row Animal Drawn Groundnut Digger

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An animal drawn groundnut digger was developed and the performance parameters revealed its field capacity and efficiency of 0.25 ha/hr and 53.4%, respectively. The performance evaluation revealed a highly significant difference between the varieties with respect to un-exposed pod loss, pod yield (kg/ha) and fodder yield (kg/ha). The effect of soil moisture contents was significant on exposed pods loss, total pod loss, digging efficiency and pod loss (kg/ha). While the effect of cutting depths was significant on exposed pods, un-exposed pods, total pod loss, digging efficiency, pod loss (kg/ha) and pod yield (kg/ha). The effect of soil moisture content and cutting depth was significant on exposed pod loss, total pod loss and digging efficiency. It was revealed that the draft increased with decreased in soil moisture content and increase in implement cutting depth. Evaluation of the groundnut digger actually shown the reduction in drudgery associated with groundnut harvesting and reduced pod loss in groundnut digging operation.


Adinoyi Aliyu


Engr. Aliyu Adinoyi has a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.) in Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering from Federal University of Technology Minna-Nigeria and Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) Degree in Farm Power and Machinery from Bayero University Kano-Nigeria. He is registered with Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Animal-Drawn, Design, Digger, groundnut

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TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / General