Caregivers and Infants in daycare centers

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The educational caregivers accompany the development of infants in large groups in the daycare centers. The relationship built between the significant caregiver and the infant serves for the infant as a basis for the relations that he will create in the continuation with those in his peer group. The educational caregivers have positions and beliefs regarding the infants and their role, and these are expressed in their daily work with the infants. Instruction for the educational caregivers that addresses their positions and beliefs and the importance of their role and the relationship that they create with the infants can influence the response they give to the infants in their group. The attachment that the educational caregiver creates with the infant is built through the response to the situations of distress that the infant encounters. Around the situations of distress the relationship is built. The knowledge that the educational caregivers have and their positions and beliefs on these situations influence the attachment with the infants and thus the engagement in them can lead to a sensitive and tailored response that supports the infants’ social emotional development.


Galit Zano


Phd in Educational and developmental Psychology.Pedagogical director of "smart start" the chain of day care centers of the Israeli Association of Community Centers.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Infant, caregivers, daycare, Centers, Social, Emotional, development

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