Solid State Phase Formation Kinetics Laws and Peculiarities

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To predict the behaviour of microelectronic components at working temperature we need to know the volume diffusion activation energy and the dislocation pipe diffusion activation energy. Dislocation pipe diffusion becomes a major contribution to device failure in microelectronic components at working temperatures. It was proved mathematically that phase cone growth law t1/6 is valid during the type B kinetics of dislocation pipe diffusion and it is possible to calculate dislocation pipe diffusion coefficients not only for the phase cone formation, but for migration of atoms along dislocations and self diffusion along dislocation pipes too. A method to determine separately of volume diffusion activation energy and dislocation pipe diffusion activation energy during the type B diffusion kinetics is suggested. Proposed method involves dislocation pipe kinetics for two different annealing times at the same temperature during the type B kinetics and dislocation pipe kinetics for one annealing time at other temperature during the type C kinetics.


Mykhaylo Viktorovych Yarmolenko


Mykhaylo V. Yarmolenko, Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of Department1985 – graduated from Cherkasy State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Physics and Mathematics, Specialty “Physics and Mathematics”. 1990 - PhD in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow Metallurgy Research Institute. Since 1995 – Professor.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


diffusion, Dislocations, diffusion laws, Activation Energy, mathematical modelling

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