Dynamic Location Management in Wireless Networks

The Efficient Approach

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In mobile computing, terminals move indiscriminately from one place to another within a geographical area which is often well-defined. A challenging task is to track the location of the mobile effectively to provide timely services to mobile users, so that the connection establishment delay is low. Conventionally, the network uses paging to determine the exact location of the mobile and this takes anywhere between 500ms to several seconds. The cost factors for location update and paging are often mutually contradictory. In this book, the young engineer productively establish a new logical model accessible for the study of the significant dynamic movement-based location management mechanism for wireless networks with HLR-VLR architectures with intelligent paging, to determine the total cost which is comprised of location update cost and paging cost. Analytical results show that proposed incorporated new scheme, it does decrease the whole cost for location management compared to the earlier scheme, and obtain the improved performance and thus reducing the call setup time. With this coverage, the book would serve the needs of telecom engineers and students, for future advancements.


Manu Srivastava


Manu Srivastava is Dy. General Manager at Samsung Research Institute Noida, India. He has B.E. degree in Telecommunication Engineering, PGDBA degree and M.Tech. degree in Software Technology. He is a seasoned professional with vast experience in leadership and technical positions. He has traveled across 11 countries, focused on Tech & Innovation.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Dynamic Location Management Wireless Networks, HLR, VLR, La, Lu, Msc, BS, CMR

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TECHNOLOGY / Electronics / General