Analysis of Allihn and Graham Glass Condensers

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Condenser is a device designed to separate one or more components of a vapour mixture by reducing the gas or vapour to its liquid form; laboratory glass condensers are established to be the commonest heat exchangers in most teaching and research laboratories.These condensers have been used in reflux reactions, distillation of liquid mixtures and extraction of important organic compounds over the years.However, these glass condensers, in spite of being the most common heat exchangers have undergone little or no design improvement.This book reveals how proper design can enhance the surface area of a condenser.Therefore,the data collected as a result of the design modification and performance analysis of the number of bulbs introduced on the outer jacket of Allihn and Graham glass condensers proved that effective design of the condenser increases the cooling system.This text will help in creating an understanding of the operating system of Allihn and Graham condensers,the relationship between design modification and the efficiency of the design;more so,it will also encourage native effort in the optimization of the condensers by design,re-design modification of new and existing ones.


Julius Zachariah Jekada


Julius Z. Jekada, BSc, MSc, PhD:Glass and Silicate Technology at ABU, Zaria, Nigeria. Principal Lecturer at Nigerian Institute of Leather and Science Technology, Zaria, Nigeria.Clement M.Gonah, BSc,MA, (ABU,Zaria); MSc. Eng (UK) PhD (ABU, Zaria). Associate Professor of Materials and Silicate Technology. Dept. of Glass & Silicate Tech. ABU, Zaria.


Clement Musa Gonah


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Design, performance, analysis, outer

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / General