Entomology For Beginners

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The present book deals with the entomology basics,as its name suggests "Entomology For Beginners".This book is divisible into two parts.In the first part Structure and function of insects has been discussed. Which include various aspects of Insect morphology and anatomy viz.Head,Thorax,Abdomen,Wings,Legs,Larvae and different systems related with insect anatomy has been elaborately discussed along with their line drawings.In the second section of the book,Insect classification and various Apterygote and Pterygote insect orders has been given. Characteristic features of various insect orders along with line drawings of one or more examples has also been included.This book will be of utmost importance for the beginners as it is written in very easy language so that a person new to the field of entomology may be able to understand the basics of entomology easily.After a long gap,since 1914,A new insect taxon "Mantophasmatodea" erected by few eminent taxonomists has also been incorporated in this book.


Jagpreet Singh Sodhi


Dr.Jagpret Singh Sodhi,M.Sc. Zoology,PhD,M.A Environmental Education is an experienced entomologist, working in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences,Punjabi University ,Patiala,Punjab,India,for the last ten years.He has 25 research papers and six books to his credit till date.He has attended 17 National and international conferences

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Zoology, Entomology, insects, Orders

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SCIENCE / Zoology