Minimize the Contractor's Claim

for Extension of Time in Storm Water Drainage Project in UAE

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The aim of this study is to identify ways to minimize the claim for extension of time in the storm water drainage projects in UAE.The Research is divided into seven chapters. The purpose of the first chapter is to elaborate on the reason for the study and to introduce the topic of the study along with its aims, objectives, and questions. The second chapter of the study focuses on the background of storm water drainage projects in UAE and claims in the construction projects. In the third chapter, the reasons for the extension of time have been analyzed. The third chapter also critically analyses methods for settling disputes in the construction industry of the UAE. In the fourth chapter, the methodology of the study is developed; the development of the methodology includes identifying the research philosophy, research design, research method, and research approach. The proper development of the methodology of a study ensures its successful execution. The fifth chapter includes Data Analysis. In the sixth chapter, the findings of the study will be discussed. The seventh chapter of the study includes the conclusion of the research and recommendations regarding the topic.


Muhammad Irfan Zafar


Muhammad Irfan Zafar is a Quantity Surveyor (Msc in Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying) and Civil Engineer. Currently working in the United Arab Emirates. Overall Sixteen (16) years experience in the Civil Engineering Industry, he oversees all claims, Variations, Contractor’s Interim and Final Account payments.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


claim, Extension of Time, stormwater, drainage, UAE, Drainage Project, Contractor's Claim

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SCIENCE / Earth Sciences