Rheumatic Heart Disease in Egypt

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Rheumatic Heart Disease remains one of the most neglected cardiac conditions in children and young adults around the world. The pathogenesis is complex and remains elusive, and the clinical characteristics vary around the world. This research concentrates on different aspects of the disease in Egypt, where it is known to have a high incidence. The methodology included epidemiological studies in school children in Aswan and investigation of RHD in a population with history of RF, using newly developed echocardiographic criteria. Concomitantly, the pattern of immune response in RF and RHD was determined in serum and excised valves. This work has served to define the epidemiology, pattern of disease, immune reponse and predisposing factors in a population with no previous data, also contributing to the improvement of the echocardiographic diagnostic criteria. Standardization of the criteria will allow comparison of prevalence in different areas and improve case detection.


Susy Natália Mohamed Kotit


Susy Natália Mohamed Kotit, M.D.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Faculty of Medicine, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London and Division of Tissue Engineering, The Magdi Yacoub Institute, Harefield Heart Science Centre.

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Egypt, Heart disease, rheumatic

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