Teleoperated robot for sensing toxic gases

Using Low Cost Microcontroller

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In today's society, robots are used in many aspects of our lives. For some critical situation, the robot is used as help assistance especially at home, office workplace, hospital, industry plants, educational institution, waste disposal facilities, and others. Toxic gases have huge environmental effects on human life. People are suffering from several diseases due to inhaling toxic substances. Proper detection of oxygen level is important for us. However, the use of robots to detect and to avoid the exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals has not been discovered in recent times. That remains a critical situation and a challenge to the people. To face this challenge, the objective of this paper is to provide a unique perspective in designing and building a tele-operated (human operator with remote control) vehicle that can detect harmful and lethal chemical gases (NO2, N2, CO, CO2, LPG, CH4, CNG, C2H5OH, NH3, H2 and others) on the ground.Applications where it is used included are coal mine explosion prevention and detections of natural gas. It also used in other industrial and explosive chemicals leaks, detection of harmful gases in public gathering places such as subway stations


M. Muhaidheen


Dr. M. Muahidheen completed his PhD during 2019. 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


tele-operated (human operator with remote control) vehicle, lethal chemical gases

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TECHNOLOGY / Environmental