Behavior of Insurgent in Modern East Africa

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AFter many years of search of the grass roots reason for a young man or women join an insergency around East Africa we really didn't find a political,or a geo political reason that we would call a reason to fight for in the mean time we have found the worst ennemy of people, Poverty, poverty,poverty an infernal cycle that can not find a stop, Certain great leader of East Africa can tell that certain figures arenot helping their leadership, even today, when it comes to insurgency certain question can not find answer due to the day to evolution of modern warfare even in deprived area of East Africa, human intelligence has helped in our work, as we do not have access to artificial intelligence, the Pirius program of Maryland University has brought the touch needed, make our work a satisfaction.Some technics used by human has been demonstrated using known people for their talent and their way of being on up front news looking for scoops.Diagram has been changed for the need of improving the way insurgency should be concidered even when they do not have a political wing, the role of the media stays very importnat in any uprising whever in the the world not only in East Africa.


Jean Du Christ RUSIGA


A script writer, ended up searching recognition of it's pair, it's time to search for longlasting peace as we can say today insurgency is a business like any other those who still think that there's a baguette magic that will support all sort of East and west kind of war today they are wrong the book is part of PHD work.   

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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