Laboratory Manual for Principles of Genetics (Biol.3061)

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Biologists are working on molecular level to improve the life of their society. However, it is after their second degree education most biologists become experts. Providing students basic biology knowledge in their early education can help a nation producing more scientists. One of the ways providing basic knowledge is supporting principles by doing experiments and practical activities. In most schools and universities teachers prepare manuals separately for each experiment. This has serious limitation: students may not keep the material after they complete each experiment; would not have the details of the next experiment; would not have chance to exercise next activities before they come to the experiment, and others. At the same time such manuals usually do not introduce academic and lab safety rules, and possible sources of hazards to the students. Therefore, this manual is prepared to cover 11 experiments emphasized on classical genetics and statistical analysis tools to lay basic knowledge at early education for advanced genetics. It also provides information on hazardous substances, lab report format, fact sheets, and academic and safety rules to avoid the above limitations.


Worku Mhiret


Dr. Worku N. Mhiret studied BSc in Biology; MSc in Applied Genetics; and PhD in Plant Genetics and Breeding. Since 1989 he is teaching Biology at High Schools and University of Gondar (UoG). Dr. Worku is Assistant Professor in Plant Genetics and Breeding and Education Quality Assurance & Audit Coordinator at the College of NCS employed by the UoG.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


academic and lab safety rules, Drosophila, hazards in science lab, Karyotyping, laboratory report format, Meiosis, Mendel’s 1st and 2nd Laws, mitosis, multiple allelism, principles of genetics

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SCIENCE / Genetics