Interactive Edutainment Learning Methods

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Learning is a change in behavior or appearance, with a series of activities for example by observing and accepting activities. In the process of teaching and learning, the teacher has a benchmark to know some of the success of the subject matter can be accepted by students. Internal factors are all factors that come from within students such as health, interests, talents and so on. While external factors are factors that come from outside the students such as educators, learning facilities, parents' motivation. While Edutainment comes from the word education and entertainment. Education means education, while entertainment means entertainment. So, in terms of language, edutainment is an entertaining or enjoyable education. Meanwhile, in terms of terminology, edutainment is a learning process that is designed in such a way that the content of education and entertainment can be combined harmoniously to create enjoyable learning. In this case, fun learning is usually done with humor, games, role plays, and demonstrations. Learning can also be done by way of learning, provided students can go through the learning process with pleasure.


Chandra Anugrah Putra


Dr. Chandra Anugrah Putra: born in Banjarmasin on October 22, 1987, studied Bachelor at STMIK Bandung Bali, Masters in Kalimantan Islamic University of Banjarmasin, Doctorate at Jakarta State University, Educational Technology Study Program. 2015 until now is a permanent lecturer at the University of Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya.

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