A Comparative Spatial Study of Inland Valley Soils

And the Adjoining Upland Region in Akure, Nigeria

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The shuttle Radar Topographic Mission of South West Nigeria downloaded from the Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) was used as the base map to produce the configuration of FUTA landscape to generate stream courses, buffered to delineate the inland valley areas. The perimeter of FUTA Campus produced as a shape file was super imposed on the SRTM imagery and extracted out using the spatial analyst/ extraction by mask tools in the Arc Map. The contours were generated using the spatial analyst/neighbourhood/focal statistics tools in the Arc Map from which the lowland and upland areas were delineated. The stream courses along the inland valley areas were generated with the use of full and flow tool in the spatial analyst/hydrology tools in the Arc Map. The streams were buffered at a distance of 100 meters using the analyst/proximity/Buffer tools and the buffered zones identified as the valley areas. The experimental design in the soil sampling was a split plot with the sampling areas comprising the inland valley and upland areas forming the main plot while seven locations in each of the sampling areas form the sub plots.


Babafemi Adewumi


Managing Director, Colostrum consulting limited, Ibadan, Nigeria. Femi provides technical support for agric start ups and resuscitates distressed businesses. He designs, executes and monitor Agribusiness projects for government and corporate organisations across West Africa. He attained master's degree in soil management from FUTA, Nigeria, 2016.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


inland valley soils, upload region, srtm imagery, super impose, Akure, Nigeria, geospatial study

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SCIENCE / Horticulture