Development and Implementation of Crime Management Information System

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Generally, Police is one of the most important institutions responsible by law in most countries to prosecute criminal offences, the police provide the necessary environment for the judiciary to carry out its functional mandates. However, in developing countries like Sierra Leone, the police face the tremendous task of effectively managing their responsibilities due to the inadequate or unavailability of the technologies and software to address these issues. The author, designed the “Crime Management Information System” to mitigate some of these challenges faced by the Law Enforcing Agencies influencing the workload to the authorized staff, time, damage of machinery, large paper work. This design was created by the researcher to contribute to the security of information in the police force.The system was developed from online App via locally based application for further processing to the central system called client-server- architecture to allow data storage media. The design was carried out using the Rapid Prototyping approach of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The system is can provide timely and accurate information on criminals and offender of the law.


Abdul Joseph Fofanah


My names are Abdul Joseph Fofanah. Currently, a Lecturer at Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. I have also worked as an Information Management and System Analyst in IOM -UN Agency. I am fascinated with research and my main area of interest are Computer Science and Software Engineering


Issa Fofana


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Sierra Leone Police, Information and communication technology, Data flow Diagram, Crime Management Information System. Common Wealth Community Safety and Security Project, GPS, RUFP, ICT, Customization Modus Operandi Information, Crime Management System Workbench

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