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Literature is a part of beauty which proves a person’s expression into a universal sign. Stylistics is the application of theoretical ideas and analytical techniques drawn from linguistics and socio-linguistics to the study of literary text. The study of style can be referred as a figurative language, use of dialects, grammatical choices as an indicator of style, meter, and rhyme. It can be further described as the study of literature as a mode of communication. The modern literary stylistics draws upon the area and adds to it the interpretive goals of modern literary criticism. In both cases, the use of linguistic methodology has allowed stylistics to move beyond earlier normative and prescriptive descriptions of correct styles to fuller analysis of language itself and the purposes to which the language is put. The aim of the book is not only to describe the formal features of texts for the own sake, but in order to show the functional significance for the interpretation of the text. This book discusses the fiction of Bapsi Sidhwa. It deals about the use of poetical terms in the novels, lexical analysis, and structure of the novel, cohesion and coherence in the novels.


G. Zeenathaman


Asst. professor of English, Adhiyaman Arts and Science College for Women, Uthangari. I did my B.A. and M.Phil degree in Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Katteri, Uthangarai and M.A. degree in M.S. University, Tirunelveli and B. Ed in Amrita College of Education. Attended international conferences and participated in State Level Seminars.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


stylistics, analysis, Literature, Language, Literary Stylistics, linguistic methodology, linguistics, Bapsi Sidhwa, Lexical analysis

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