Algorithms of Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Theory & Applications of the Algorithms of Digital Image Processing and some techniques of Invariant Pattern Recognition

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This book is based on the class notes of the course on Digital Image Processing (DIP) given by Prof. Javier Montenegro Joo (JMJ) to Science and Engineering graduate-level students. The algorithms presented in this book include those that the author implements as computer programs when working on Computer Vision, specifically in Automatic Pattern Recognition. The author is a university lecturer and an experienced developer of Science and Engineering Virtual Labs dealing with Physics, Mathematics, DIP, etc. In his software developments the author applies many techniques of mathematical modeling, computer visualization and DIP. JMJ has executed research on invariant pattern recognition, which mainly includes invariant moments, neural networks, and polar Hough transform and, some of those results have been included in this book, which is addressed to university students taking a course on DIP, though it may be used as well by any person desiring to know about DIP and Pattern Recognition. This book includes flowcharts of some DIP algorithms, thus making it ideal for those readers who are inclined to algorithm development and, who would like to develop their own computer programs.


Javier Montenegro Joo


Javier Montenegro Joo (JMJ), formed as a Computational & Simulational Physicist, is additionally focused on Computer Vision, specifically Invariant Pattern Recognition. JMJ develops Virtual Labs applied to both, research and development on sciences and engineering. JMJ’s scientific publications are based on research performed on his virtual labs.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Algorithms

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