Brahma Kumaris Concept Of Rajayoga Meditation

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Hearty thanks to the Supreme Power which gave me the opportunity to write my dream book. It represents oneself and Supreme power through the medium of meditation or discovering yourself. First of all, one should be aware of himself/herself. What is my ultimate aim of life? Where shall I go and what can I do for the benefit of society. The Brahma Kumaris focuses on understanding oneself, and discovering the healthy way of living. It is a concept which is inspiring lots of people not only from India, but across the world. Now it becomes a worldwide phenomenon. It helps people in self-realization and connects them to the supreme God through surrendering themselves to the omniscient power, which is not visible, but only can be realized through the various forms of meditation. It also encourages people to help other people who have lost their goals in life and are unable to rediscover themselves. This book will work as a channel for attainment of the goals which are still incomplete. Through the book, not only the people who are reading this will benefit, but the people surrounding them and people in connection with them will also be benefited.


Siddappa Naragatti


My academics - B. com, PGDYS, M.A. Philosophy from K U Dharwad., M.A. Psychology, from KSOU, Mysore, M.A. SOLPM&Yoga from JVBU, Rajasthan, PGDVES & M.B.A from A U, Tamil Nadu. UGC NET. Deputed by M of H&FW Govt. of India as a Yoga Expert in World EXPO2010 Shanghai China. Worked at RERF, MDNIY, IIPA, NATRASS, now at CCRYN.N.Delhi, India.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Raja Yoga, Meditation, Brahma Kumaris, spirituality, discovering yourself, understanding yourself, spiritual meditation, religious meditation

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