Lighting Control With Building Automation And Motion Sensors

For Energy Efficiency Report

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Lighting control modes and apparatus used for the managing of housing illumination. The aim of the managing of lights will be have a decrease within energy utilization and an increase in the valuable life of the luminary. To calculate the energy utilization of dimmers for lights is the apparatus that are used for power measurements through this information was obtained algorithms performance of the power consumption in relation to the rates of attenuation, thus being able to predict the savings of energy according to the attenuation of the luminaries. Finally it was concluded that the saving of energy and money in paying the bills of electricity is directly proportional towards the level of the attenuation of the luminaries installed and the utilize of automatic lighting control systems Allow to decrease cost of the lighting plus to attain the major saving of energy. The energy routine of the controlling are affected by numerous factors the impact of which is extremely complex to calculate throughout the procedure of designing.


Shujaat Ali


Engr. Shujaat Ali holds BE (Electronic Engineering) from Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (FEST), HIIT, Hamdard University and pursuing his ME (Electrical Power System Engineering) from Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology (GSESIT), Hamdard University Karachi.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Daylight, Lighting control systems, ENERGY SAVINGS

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