The Sexual Minorities in India in Literature and Society:LGBTQ

The Suppressed Voices of LGBTs in Literature and Society : A Critical Analysis

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Since the very dawn of civilization human beings started facing various issues and challenges. Gender issue was one of them. Many obstacles had been overcome but the hurdles pertaining to gender discriminations are still the same. Consquently, a wide gap between men and women, homosexuality and hetrosexuality took place. Patriarchy and natural sex were admired while homosexuals and hermaphrodites were abused and misinterpreted. The intrinsic cause behind such humiliation and marginalization of LGBT community was the concept of binary gender. Society confined LGBTs and deprived them of all their rights. Now the world of academia are writing, discussing and pondering over the issues related to LGBTs. Now the common men of the society are also thinking about their deplorable plight condition and endeavouring to bring them into the mainstream of life. The book explores, depicts, and highlights the root causes of their marginalization and humiliation in society and literature. The book also traces the basic distinction between sex and gender. Sex is a biological phenomena while gender is cultural and social. The naked body of a baby refers to sex while its wrapped body to gender.


Dr. Mohd Shamim


Dr. MOHD. Shamim is an Asstt. Prof. of English at HMPG College, Kanpur, India. Besides books, he has published more than a dozen of research papers in national and international journals of repute. He has also completed a Research Project on Third Gender funded by CSJM University. His areas of interest lie in Gender Studies and Fictional Theory.

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Sexual Minorities; LGBTQ

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