Menu or Prescription? Your Choice!

A Practical Guide for Successfully Managing Your Body Weight.

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Body weight is part of your personality, may be the one that subconsciously infringes the deepest impression. It is part of your health profile as well, definitely the one that is interlinked with most of the conditions. Maintaining a body weight within optimal limits, personality within attractive looks and BMI within healthy range is vital but tricky. It’s tricky only because there are numerous programs out there, all with big promises. Some too good to believe others too hard to obey. What distinguishes this book from all those programs is you. Yes, YOU. As this book was written for you and is designed for your body specifically. All the programs that focus on losing weight or building body have their own pros and cons. What you need is a guide that helps you decide these things, YOURSELF, for your own body. I want you to become your own nutritionist and that is the No. 1 reason I wrote this book. This books is going to tell you how to plan your menu to avoid a multitudinous array of prescriptions. And a lot of cosmetics as well. I will take you on a journey from the very basics of diet and nutrition to the expert level tips to manage your weight.


Sohaib Bin Nawaz


I am a Doctor by degree and a nutritionist by heart. Diet and its modification to manage body weight is horizon of my interest to which my medical degree adds a beautiful rainbow. I have had a lot of pleasant experiences of tuning body weights of people around the globe using social media as IT has always been my second favourite area of interest.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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