Churches Planting Churches

A Guide to Planting Daughter Churches

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There are very few new churches that are able to grow as rapidly and as large as those planted by a healthy mother church. From a church growth perspective, there is a clear advantage in starting new churches using the mother-daughter church model. Churches Planting Churches will help the church planting team answer the following questions: How do we know if we are ready to plant a daughter church? How do we select a good target community for the new church? How do we select the right church planting pastor? How do we develop a solid core group? How do we prepare for meaningful worship services? What are effective ways to promote the new church? How do we find the meeting place and offices we need? How do we prepare for the “Birth Sunday?” How can we prepare for strong, consistent growth in the new church? Dr. Steve Richards will help you answer these and other questions from years of hands-on experience planting daughter churches.


Steve Richards


Dr. Steve Richards, former Church Planting Pastor at Overlake Christian Church, coordinated the planting of five daughter churches, including an inner-city church. He has mentored a number of other church planters in the region.Churches Planting Churches communicates the methods and principles used in planting healthy daughter churches

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