Engaging with the Environment

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The world today is facing an uncertain future due to the environmental crisis. In order to change the external situation, we must first within ourselves change our outlook towards nature. This can be easily done by adopting the traditional outlook towards environment. The solution to the contemporary environmental problems lies in considering environment as an inseparable part of our daily sustenance. If we want to achieve environmental sustainability, then environmental ethics must be at the center of our developmental strategies. If we all look deep into our hearts, we will agree that it is our moral responsibility to protect and conserve the environment. It needs no further elaboration to understand that maintaining a healthy connection with natural environment is fundamental for our own-well-being. It also provides us a sense of who we are and helps us to understand that our survival is linked to that of the nature environment.


Raji Viswanath


Raji Viswanath is a Doctor of Medicine (Acupuncture) MD(ACU)at Medicina Alternativa, has Master Diploma in Acupuncture Therapy MD(AT)& Diploma in Sujok Therapy(DST). Licensed and practicing Acupuncturist,Additional Director of Nermai I A S Academy, Executive trainer for civil service aspirants.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Environment, Ecology

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