Employee attendance monitoring system using fingerprint recogniton

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Without going into too much detail here, in this humble work we are going to recover the best method to check the employee’s attendance at workplace using a biometric machine which uses the biological attributes and characterizes of the given person to attain more reliable verification or identification. Every employer knows how much is important to monitor their employees to reduce the absenteeism and tardiness for enhancing the productivity and performance. There are dozens of solutions which simplify to monitor employees in their different conditions which including (Position tracking, telephone tapping, Employee monitoring software and fingerprinting). These characteristics should not be duplicable, but it is unfortunately often possible to create a copy that is accepted by the biometric system as a true sample. Biometric authentication uses features of your personal physiology, like as your retinal image or fingerprint, to identify you as you. The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals that are under surveillance and it used for verification and authentication.


Abdifatah Bile


As a fresh graduate he and his colleagues (Anas & Nur) produced this work, and this Thesis was successfully defended in July 2016 entitled, He worked in Blue star ICT solutions as a software engineer, Now he is an ICT department head in SomaliaWorking Employability center. He is currently handling an upcoming project which developing a door lock.

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