Progressive-Taxation of the Ugandan Domestic Digital Economy

Ugandan Progressive-Liberalism Taxation ways and means of fostering venture capital financing for Ugandan digital busine

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The book postulates Ugandan Progressive-Liberalism Taxation ideological ways and means of fostering venture capital financing for Ugandan digital business. The book espouses the pervasive influence that the internet Economy is exercising on the conventional bric and motar Ugandan economy,while articulating Progressive-Liberalism Propositions on how to grapple with taxing the Revenue generated in the realm of the Ugandan. Digital Economy. It is an ideological analytical explication of substantive Progressive-Digital taxation prescriptions for the Ugandan digital economy, albeit with the incidental objective of advancing Ugandan Small & Medium Digital Enterprises (SMDEs), digital technological innovation and Uganda digital venture capital financing.


Jeremiah Lubowa


JEREMIAH LUBOWA, Esq is a lawyer by training. He matriculated excellently at Makerere University Law School in the Makerere University Law School Flagship matriculation exam for entrance into Makerere University Law School. He graduated from Makerere University with honors. He is a briliant and intelligent jurist and harbinger of great acclaim.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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