A Multi-Dimension Analysis of the Challenges in the Olive Oil Industry

From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategies to Retail Prices Determinants

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Despite the clouds on the horizon, globalisation continues very much alive in the olive oil market, which is revealing to be very innovative, challenging and dynamic. Innovative, as companies look to new ways for customers to use olive oil. Challenging, as competition is fierce and quality issues have been casting distrust on the sector, together with pressure on prices and protectionist threats. Dynamic, as markets move rapidly and olive health benefits may not be enough to hold customers, as other vegetable oils are much cheaper. This book examines CSR and SMM uses in olive oil business, aiming to assess the possible impacts on retailers by looking how companies are dealing with fresh strategies to target consumers, while attempting to display a sustainable image. Accordingly, two major producing and distributing companies, playing leading roles in the olive oil retail sector, were selected as flagship cases for analysis. On a different strand, being olive oil an agricultural commodity, prices may be very volatile. Therefore, seems vital to understand the determinants of such behaviour, by comprehensively analysing the factors that may influence the evolution of olive oil prices.


Humberto Nuno Rito Ribeiro


Humberto Ribeiro is Professor at University of Aveiro, ESTGA, Portugal. PhD in Business and Management Research, Leicester Business School, DMU, UK. BSc in Economics. MSc in Accounting and Corporate Finance. MPhil in Quantitative Methods Applied to Economy, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Researcher at GOVCOPP. Chartered Accountant and Economist.


Sandra Raquel Pinto Alves


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Social Media Marketing, corporate social responsibility, Olive, Olive oil, production, consumption, Retail, CSR, Health benefits, Management, OLS, Trade, International Trade, globalisation, economics, wealth

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