Financial Incentives: Enhance Productivity and Workforce Performance

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The primary purpose of this book is to illustrate the amazing strength of ‘Financial Incentives’ in enhancing work performance and productivity, at the same time, also to establish many other important features of financial incentive plans together with the above arguments through an interesting case study undertaken in a large integrated steel plant. By the end it would be able to present and ascertain the following aspects : + The importance of incentive group sizes in the efficacy of an incentive plan. + Illustrate that one common type incentive plan may not be equally successful for all production units of an integrated manufacturing plant (or across similar type of manufacturing industries), there by emphasising the importance of suitable plans depending upon many other important factors. It would emphasise how important are the role and responsibility of designer and management in implementing an incentive plan; How and what extent an incorrectly designed incentive plan can bring desolation in a plant; It would be an excellent guide for students and practitioners regarding application of Lean Six Sigma methodology in solving complex incentive problems.


Sasanka Sekhar Ghosh


A Seasoned Industrial Engineer with over three decades of experience in turning around under performing industry units across multiple sectors. Mr S S Ghosh now coaches, budding engineers and provides consulting services in the areas of Industrial Engineering, Process Improvement and Manpower Planning.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


incentive, industrial engineering, Productivity Improvement, Reward Scheme, Manpower Planning

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TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / General