Traditional and Changing Eating Habits of Turkish Cypriot Youths’

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Food is our basic need for survival but it is also related to people’s social life, ceremonies, leisure activities and culture (Germov and Williams, 2004). “Indeed, when we eat, we are not merely consuming nutrients, we are also consuming gustatory (i.e., taste-related) experiences and, in very real sense, we are also ‘consuming’ meanings and symbols” (Beardsworth and Keil, 1997: 51). In this book, the answer of the question “How Turkish Cypriots’ historical, economic and political conditions have an impact on changing food practices of youths in the light of socio-cultural and political transformation of food system and globalization” was asked and answered. You will also find general and specific information about different food regimes, the relationship between globalization, health, food and Mcdonaldization process.


Gülsün Işısal


Gülsün Işısal was born and raised in the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia. She completed her studies BA Sociology in Turkey and MSc Social Research in the United Kingdom. She is a sociologist, researcher and academician. She defines herself as a person who seeks and works for peace and harmony for a better future of the world.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


obesity, Food Regime, Globalization, Health, eating habits

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General