Floating Microparticulate System: An Approach For Gastroretention Drug

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Sustained release systems are designed to release the drug in-vivo with prediction so as prolong the release in order to increase its efficacy and bioavailability of drugs. Floating drug delivery systems (FDDSs) is one the approach which is expected to remain buoyant in a lasting way upon the gastric contents. The various buoyant preparations include microparticles, hollow microspheres, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, pills and laminated films. Floating microparticles are gastro-retentive floating drug delivery systems based on non-effervescent approach. Floating microparticles are especially fast attention due to their wide applicability in the targeting of drug to the stomach. These floating microparticles have the advantage that they remain buoyant and distributed uniformly over the gastric fluid to avoid the vagaries of gastric emptying and release the drug for prolonged period of time. A sustain release system with extended residence time in the stomach can be of great practical importance for drugs with an absorption window in the upper small intestine.Multiparticulate low-density particulate particles can successfully prolong the gastric retention time of drug.


Prachee Dusane


Prachee K.Dusane Assistant professor in Quality AssuranceP.S.G.V.P.M'SCollege of pharmacyShahada.affiliated to NMU,Jalgaon,MH.India.My academic experience is 2.10 years Ihad completed B.pharm 2013& M.pharm in QA 2015,from NMU.Jalgaon.I had been published review& research papers in various journalsUnderMy guidance07studentscompleted B.pharm.project.

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Floating microparticles, sustain release system, buoyant, Gastric retention time

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