Priority Index for Infrastructural planning of Smart City- Vadodara

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The urban initiatives in India have first time fallen in line with global development paradigms.Irrespective of Indian priorities being different,there is need to understand these development paradigms.In this context the Smart city concept needs to be looked from different perspectives.These perspectives will lead towards the final outcomes and aspirations as well as provide a tool to develop city vision.The aim of this thesis is to identify and evaluate the main factors affecting the planning and designing of Smart City projects in context with Vadodara,a city of Gujarat.Literature review about Smart City was reviewed to identify the factors affecting the designing of Smart City.In addition,other local factors have been added as recommended by local experts.A questionnaire survey is conducted,and 66 factors were identified,categorized into 9 groups,evaluated and ranked from Technical Expert,Management Expert,Educational Expert and Consultant.Relative Importance Index is used for finding the priority index.Environmental factors are found to be the most significant factor followed by Information communication and technology.


Ritika Kashyap


Education: Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya (Engineering College), An Autonomous Institution affiliated to Gujarat Technological University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Technology in Infrastructure Engineering and Technology

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


indicators, infrastructure, smart city, urbanization, Vadodara

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TECHNOLOGY / Environmental