Potentials of Education to Counter `New War'

Theoretical Arguments

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For the last couple of decades, a number of initiatives of peace making, peace building and peace education have been taken by different organisations and institutes with the goal to stop or counter war. Again, we see that the twenty-first century encompasses hideous forms of aggression, ecocide, ethnic cleansing, genocide, modern warfare, poverty, disparity, sexual abuse, terrorism and various other shades of the negative. These factors can be identified as either or both as the cause or outcome of war. However, along with the various forms and factors of the prevailing danger of war, we have also witnessed a parallel history of the development of peace education. This peace education attempts to stimulate or enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the populous from early childcare into adulthood, and discusses pathways to peace and the dreadful consequences of war.


Kazi Sameeo Sheesh


Sameeo is passionate about the field of education for peace. His erudite repute is already flamboyant among his students, colleagues and supervisors for his sincerity, creativity and candour. He is the father of twins and knits the dream that the kids bring lush raindrops of peace and hopes for every life.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


War, education, peace.

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