Design and Implementation of Cross-Layer Protocols for Industrial WSNs

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This book discusses data and command transmission protocols for industrial wireless sensor networks (IWINs) which can be used in monitoring and control applications for industrial work fields and any applications that require data transmission in a reliable and timely manner. Monitoring and control applications are distinguished from other sensor applications in that a server collects data from the target field, draws a service based on the analysis of data, and sends a service command to workers or actuators in the field. This service needs to be made with time bound to increase the effectiveness of service, especially in case of emergency situation. Accordingly, this book includes three IWSN protocols: The slotted sensor multiple access (SSMA) protocol for data collection, the slotted sense multiple access broadcast (SSMAb) protocol for command transmission and the over-the-air programming (OAP) protocol for the remotely update of program source code.


Oh Hoon


Hoon Oh is a professor and a director of the Digital Manufacturing IT Research Center in University of Ulsan, Korea. His research interests lie in embedded systems, mobile ad hoc and sensor networks, real-time computing, and context-aware computing. He is a member of IEEE, IEICE, and ICASE, and a lifetime member of KICS and KISA.


Ta Van-Khoe


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Wireless Sensor Networks, Multiple Access Protocol, a shareble time slots, Real Time, Reliability, slot allocation, messages broadcasting.

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TECHNOLOGY / Electronics / General