Environmental Assessment Of Samarra City In Central Of Iraq

Environmental Geology

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The study area is suffering from many environmental pollution problems, for many reasons, and this study attempts to evaluate it by collecting water, soil, and plants samples, to analyze them in the laboratories to detect the concentration of heavy metals and other parameters, which may cause any contamination. The results that presented in this study is the only database available for the specification of heavy metals in soil, water, and plant samples of this study area, which will certainly help in contributing to effective monitoring of environmental quality. Also, it will provide information about present levels of heavy metals in the studied area for the post studies. The study results presented here may assist in understanding the potential influence of the contaminants on designing a more cost-effective remediation plan for contaminated water or soil.


Shatha Amer Ibrahim


Shatha Amer Ibrahim, Master of Science University of Baghdad in the Department of Earth Science in water resources and environmental geology in 2019. This thesis was submitted under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Balsam Salim Al-Tawash.


Balsam Salim Al-Tawash


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Noor Publishing


Environmental Essessment, Enrichment Factor, Pollution load index, Health Risk Model of soil and plants, Water Pollution, heavy metals, Plants Pollution, Statistical Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Soil Pollution, Water Quality Index, التقييم البيئي, عامل التخصيب, مؤشر حمل التلوث, نموذج المخاطر الصحية للتربة والنباتات, تلوث المياه, المعادن الثقيلة, تلوث النباتات, التحليل الإحصائي, التحليل العنقودي, تلوث التربة, مؤشر جودة المياه

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